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This is my contribution for the GBA Microjam 23.

The goal of the GBA Microjam 23 is to build a Warioware like game with many minigames.

After the jam is finished, all contributions will be merged into one single game that contains all the minigames.

In this minigame you have to steer the club with the arrow keys and push the A button when the club is obove the zombie to hit him.

The gba rom you can download on this site does only contain my Club The Zombie minigame.

The final game with all minigames can be downloaded here: https://gbadev.itch.io/gba-microjam-23

To compile the game yourself, you first have to download the template repository from here: https://github.com/gbadev-org/microjam23 You also need the butano game engine from here: https://github.com/GValiente/butano

To add this minigame to the template project, you have to extract the files from the zip file to the folder of the template project.


club_the_zombie_src.zip 22 kB
club_the_zombie.gba 1.5 MB

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