Game Information:

This is a game for the Weekly Game Jam 130.

Objective 1: Protect your artefact.

Objective 2: Destroy the enemys artefact.

The twist: Everytime a soldier dies he will respawn with a higher level (got stronger) at his own artefact.


WASD: walk

Left mouse button: sword attack.


Programming: fixx

Leveldesign: fixx

Music: Aurnyx


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Hi fixx! how are you mate? I'm missing working with you hehe...

I cannot find your discord and I want to share with you an idea for a game we can work on, add me: Acropolise#0612

Watch Game Jam Feedback 2020-01-19 from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Hey man, I did my full 10-minute review during my Twitch Stream last night (, but I'm going to summarize what I said during my review:

Art: Ok, nothing too flashy.

Animations and Controls: Animations were good. The controls were okay but could be better if you stuck with a different keyboard button for the sword attack (like space bar for example). Having two different inputs sometimes makes it difficult for people on laptops vs. people on desktops.

Sounds and Music: The sound is very good and worked well with the level design. I was very relaxed while swinging my sword at the artifacts.

Overall gameplay: This game was very creative. Works well with the theme. Just wished that I had a sharper sword and wasn't ganged up on immediately after respawning. Otherwise, I had fun playing this.

Hope this review helps your team grow!